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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational and
Physical Therapy Services

The Occupational Therapist is trained to assist people of all ages to be functionally independent at performing daily tasks. Through play, Occupational Therapists use their training in neuroscience, anatomy, psychology, and task analysis to help children develop efficient sensory processing abilities, age appropriate handwriting skills, functional independent self help skills, and adaptive social and emotional behavior.

Physical therapy services assist in the development of gross motor skills, posture and balance, coordination and endurance, and muscle strength and flexibility. Physical therapy services at The Franklin Speech & Learning Center also includes serial casting, orthotic and wheel chair fitting, and parent education. We place a strong emphasis on early intervention programs, birth to school age, as well as programs that improve and enhance skills for children of older ages. Therapy is play based for the young and fun and challenging for the older students.

Occupational and Physical Therapy services are offered at our Nashville, Franklin and Nolensville locations.

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